• Step 1: Weigh out 26 grams of whole bean coffee. We always recommend using 25 grams of coffee for 400 grams of water; this will give you a 1:16 ratio, and will be the perfect amount to fill a 12 oz cup.
  • Step 2: Grind your coffee. We recommend grinding your coffee as you would for a drip; generally 3/3.5 on most grinders. Keep in mind that your total finish time should be 3:00. So find that perfect grind.
  • Step 3: Fill your kettle with hot water. Desired temperature should be 196 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Step 4: Set your Chemex on top of your scale and place a dry filter accordingly.
  • Step 5: Pour a fair amount of water into the Chemex, making sure to fully saturate the filter. You’re doing two things in this step. First; you’re rinsing the paper taste from the filter, ensuring that nothing but coffee flavor ends up in your cup. Second; you’re preheating the Chemex to ensure the highest level of heat retention during the brewing process.
  • Step 6: Dump the water carefully out of the Chemex, making sure not to disturb the filter from the Chemex walls.
  • Step 7: Dump the ground coffee into the Chemex and turn the scale on. Tare the scale to zero.
  • Step 8: Now this is where the fun part begins. Saturate your coffee. This process should have you ending up with 60 grams at around 25 seconds.
  • Step 9: Gently stir the bloom around, ensuring the grounds are fully saturated. By the time you are done stirring, you should be at 30 seconds on the timer.
  • Step 10: Begin your fill. You want to keep your flow steady. The water should be falling out of the kettle at a slow and steady rate. You never want to see the water coming out at an angle, because that means you are pouring too quickly. On the other side; if it is coming out at a drip, then you are pouring too slow. You want to keep the flow moving in a nice tight circle, roughly the size of a quarter in the middle of the dripper. You are going to fill slowly until you reach 200 grams. You should be at around 1:15 seconds on the timer at this point.
  • Step 11: Another gentle stir down. Remember, you’re not trying to really agitate the coffee, you’re just moving it around to ensure saturation. Do this process for a few seconds.
  • Step 12: Back to filling. You should be at around 1:45 at this point. Repeat the filling process just as you have been, and fill until you reach 400 on the scale. Now you should be at around 2:15 seconds on the timer. Give one final stir and let drain.
  • Step 13: You should see the last of the water drain through, and the grounds across the bed losing the last of the moisture with a time of 3:30 on the timer. Now dispose of the filter and pour your coffee into your cup.

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