FAQ Section


Your first delivery will ship within 3 business days and should arrive within 5-7 business days.

We roast Mondays and Thursdays and ship within 12 hours, so your order will be shipped the following roast day after it’s been placed. We send an email with tracking information as soon as it is shipped.

Yes! Just choose your shipping date during checkout!

We introduce new coffees based on the growing season and harvest period of each coffee producing region. All our coffee offerings are fresh and seasonal.

All our coffee is whole bean. Coffee loses flavor and gets stale 15 minutes after grinding, so we don’t offer ground coffee at all, especially since all our coffee is freshly roasted.

All coffees are single-origin, high grade specialty coffees from the best farms from different parts of the world like Central America, South America and Africa. Our blends are all carefully prepared from our hand selected single origin coffees.

We are a Master Craftsman micro batch-batch artisan coffee roaster in San Gabriel, California. We hand roast on a fully restored German made Probat Coffee Roaster. The Mercedes Benz of coffee roasters!

Just email us anytime at orders@blackdropcoffee.com

Our coffees cover light, medium and dark roast levels. Each person has their own coffee preference.

Sorry! Currently we don’t ship internationally, but we are hoping to soon.

YES! We offer an amazing SWISS Water Columbian Decaf

You can use any coffee brewer. Please check out our “Coffee Brew Guide Section.