Colombia Supremo 17/18 Pitalito

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Colombia Supremo 17/18 Huila Pitalito-Colombian Coffee

Region Valley Laboyos, Huila
Growing Altitude 1300-1800 masl
Arabica Variety Caturra and Castillo
Harvest Period October to February
Milling Process Washed, sun dried
Aroma Caramel
Flavor Sweet, Stone fruit, Caramel
Body Medium body

This Colombian Coffee comes from the small town of Pitalito, which lies in southern Huila in the Valley of Laboyos. This southern area of Colombia is at the foot of the Andes mountains. This massive mountain range is the birthplace of the Magdalena River, which travels north all the way to the Caribbean coast.

The valley itself lies at about 1,300 meters above sea level. All the surrounding mountains grow coffee with the average farm having about 6 hectares and about 5,000 trees per hectare. The soil is volcanic, providing lots of organic nutrients for this high altitude coffee.

Cup Characteristics:

Colombia Huila Pitalito is recognized for having high acidity, good body, and stone fruit notes.