Terms and Conditions


Our Black Drop Coffee, Inc. Return Policy is simple, hassle-free, and committed to ensuring that our valued clients are more than satisfied with their purchases. In our opinion, at Black Drop Coffee, Inc., our return policy is designed to offer our clients a significantly improved experience compared to our competitors. Our objective is to enjoy a fantastic, long-term relationship with you, and therefore, we maintain and promote client-oriented solutions to those occurrences when a return is requested from us.


At Black Drop Coffee, Inc., we recognize that our success is a direct result of our client’s happiness and satisfaction with our products and services. This is why before a purchase is made, our coffee experts give our clients our full and undivided attention to accurately evaluate, assess needs and objectives, identify commercial and/or consumer requirements, and find solutions that make financial sense. As a result, we only recommend and sell specific products and client services that provide a real value. Thus, our clients rarely return products because they made the correct buying decision at time of purchase, and do not suffer from an impulse buying decision resulting in buyer’s remorse.


Please read our Return Policy prior to purchasing any Black Drop Coffee, Inc. product and/or service to avoid any misunderstandings and confusion.


If you do not understand any part of this policy or unclear about any meaning, please feel free to call us directly and/or email our award-winning client service team customerservice@blackdropcoffee.com. We are here to help and serve.



I. Black Drop Coffee, Inc. will gladly accept returns of all unused or defective products for up to 365 days, 1 full year from date of purchase, subject to the following terms and conditions shall apply:


1. It is our policy that prior to our client’s signing for the product shipment that all freight must be carefully inspected to determine if there are any physical signs of damages, such as, tears of any type, holes, broken straps, crushed corners or signs of abuse, mishandling or tampering with the contents. In the event that damage is noted upon delivery, our clients are instructed to clearly mark the delivery receipt accordingly to reflect the accurate condition, obtain clear photographs of the outside and inside showing the damages to the affected parts/portions, and then, contact us within 24 hours to report such damages, no exceptions. If the client does not contact us within 24 hours from date of delivery to notify us, then Black Drop Coffee, Inc. reserve the right to not accept the product return. Upon notification, we will send the required paperwork to process the return; client agrees to cooperate with us in the event that we elect to pursue a claim for damages against the shipping company or freight forwarder.


2. We reserve the right to charge a return (restocking) fee equal to no more than 10% of the purchase price, excluding applicable tax. In our experience, manufacturers, distributors and resellers return policies vary greatly ranging from a no return policy to return fees up to 25% or more to discourage the customer return of merchandise. Our discretionary restocking rate is amongst the lowest, if not the lowest, in the industry.


3. We will equally divide the shipping costs to ship back the product to us! In our experience, our offer to share shipping costs is an industry first, as the standard operating procedure is for the customer to bear all return costs of repackaging and shipping to company


4. There will be no returns on special order items.


5. We guarantee a full refund or replacement of all defective products at no additional costs.

II. Black Drop Coffee, Inc. will not accept returns of used equipment unless agreed to in writing at company’s discretion on a case-by-case basis.


1. It is our policy to not accept returns of used equipment, and we felt it is more than appropriate to explain our decision to our clients. Others will not tell a client or customers why a particular policy exists. In our opinion, this forum allows us the important opportunity to share our experiences with our clients in order to better help, educate and serve their best interests.


III. As an authorized, exclusive partner distributor for La San Marco, our everyday selling prices to our clients are the lowest in the USA, and that is our guarantee! Nobody beats our prices. Nobody beats our service. Nobody beats our value. In order to guarantee the lowest prices on every espresso machines and coffee grinders in the USA, Black Drop Coffee, Inc. made the business decision to not accept returns of used equipment once in use, unless defective. In our opinion, this was the right decision for us, and our clients. Our client’s appreciate and expect us to always have the lowest prices in the USA so we respond to their business concerns with the lowest price guarantee; client’s prefer to save thousands in savings on their purchase. In contrast, there are others in our industry that will offer up to a 30 day return policy, customer pays for all shipping costs, then charge a restocking fee up to 25% or more of the purchase price, all the while the customer pays MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for the product.


IV. As the low price leader in the coffee industry, we chose to continue to guarantee the lowest prices in the USA, and also, offer real financial value to our clients in the form of the best espresso machine warranty and best coffee grinder warranty of any manufacturer, a full 18 month warranty from date of equipment manufactured at La San Marco Italy. The best espresso machines and coffee grinders now come standard with the best manufacturer’s warranty in the industry! Our client’s appreciate the longest, extended warranty at manufacturer’s expense for their peace-of-mind and satisfaction.


V. Black Drop Coffee, Inc. offers an important differentiation that distinguishes us from our competitors. In addition to the lowest price guarantee and best warranty, we offer our clients aggressive incentives to upgrade their equipment as their business grows or their needs change. Our buy-back incentive program affords clients the opportunity to sell back their equipment to us at guaranteed market rate prices! Our buy-back program is unique, effective and an industry exclusive first.


In sum, our refund policy was predicated and designed around the results of real world clients, surveys, research and industry data which demonstrates that clients in the specialty coffee industry have high expectations and requirements for the best espresso machines and coffee grinders at the absolute lowest price points in the USA with the best industry warranty.


How do I return an item?


Buying with confidence


Our goal is to help you choose the best products to meet your needs. We will spend the time with you to answer all your questions without pressure to buy. You may have heard about so-called buyer’s remorse offerings from other vendors. At Black Drop Coffee, Inc., we think it is smarter to help you make the right choice in the first place; that’s why we call our policy “Buyer’s Confidence”. It’s our pledge to work with you to assure your satisfaction.


However, if you’re not satisfied after buying from Black Drop Coffee, Inc., we offer a no-questions asked return policy within the first 30 days for our new espresso machines and grinders, and the first 15 days for our next-to-new and refurbished espresso machines and grinders, unless otherwise specified at time of purchase.


Please remember: It pays to choose your vendor carefully! For practically all pro-summer equipment and commercial equipment sold in the United States, warranty work is handled by the vendor, not the manufacturer. This means an important part of getting a great deal is buying from a great vendor too.

This is the reason our company name, Black Drop Coffee, Inc., includes the word “Service”! In addition to our Internet organization dedicated to individual consumers, we also service thousands of pieces of coffee equipment for cafes, offices, and food establishments in Northeast New York. Should you ever need assistance, advice, or service, you can rely on our capable staff to address your concerns efficiently and professionally.

You have our promise of a great deal.

Our Buyer’s Confidence Policy for New Machine Purchases

We understand that espresso machines and grinders represent a considerable investment and we’ll work with you to help you make the best selection for your needs. However, if within the first 30 days from the delivery date, you are not satisfied, you may return your espresso machine or grinder for a refund. If the product is received in like new condition with all included accessories, manuals, packing materials, etc., you will receive your refund within 10 business days.

Your refund amount will be minus what our cost was to ship the machine to you. In addition you are also responsible for the cost of shipping the machine back to us.

If you have any questions about this policy, please ask before ordering.


Our Buyer’s Confidence Policy for Next-to-New or Refurbished Machines

Our policy for next-to-new or refurbished equipment is the same as our new purchases policy, with the exception that the return period is 15 days starting from the confirmed delivery date instead of 30 days, unless otherwise specified at time of purchase.

If you have any questions about this policy, please ask before ordering.

What Our Buyer’s Confidence Policy Does NOT Include

Our returns policy does not include the following:

- Commercial Espresso Machines: Cimbali DT/1, Electra A3, Nuova Simonelli Appia, etc,
- Commercial Coffee Brewers
- Keurig Coffee Brewer Machines
- Illy Cups
- Accessories: tampers, knock boxes, bottomless porta filters, etc.
- Parts: thermostats, control boards, solenoid valves, etc.
- Coffee
- Any other product unless otherwise stated

If you have any questions about this policy, please ask before ordering.


What You Should Do Upon Receiving Merchandise

At Black Drop Coffee, Inc., we invest the necessary time to insure that your equipment arrives safely and in good working order, so most equipment is bench tested by our technicians before shipment. We also use quality packing materials, and use double boxing when necessary.

We advise you to inspect your purchase when it first arrives for damage during shipment.

Please inspect your package when you receive it from UPS. If there is evidence of exterior damage to the shipping carton and the delivery person is present, ask them to note it on their delivery manifest and request a damage claim form. Should it be necessary for you to submit a damage claim the notation on the manifest may prove to be very helpful. If you find that your machine is damaged from shipping, please call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 to report the damage. You must also contact us within 5 business days. Make sure that you keep all packaging (boxes, shipping labels, packing material, etc.) as UPS will need to inspect not only the machine but the packaging as well. Once we receive a claim number from UPS, we will be more than happy to take care of the problem to your satisfaction.

Please note the following:
Grinders are often tested by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. Some traces of coffee grinds are normal and does not mean the machine is used or a returned item.
Some minor water splashes may occur during our bench testing. Unless otherwise stated (next-to-new or refurbished), all purchases at Black Drop Coffee, Inc. are new from the manufacturer.


How to Obtain a Return Authorization

Before returning an espresso machine or grinder, you must call or email us to obtain a Return Authorization Agreement (RAA) from our service department.
Once we have received your request, we will send you additional details regarding the return procedure, such as how to prepare the machine for shipping and packaging instructions. You should return the (RAA) to us if you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the statement; we will then issue a Return Authorization (RA) number, which must appear on the outside of the box.
Please note: We will not except returns without an (RA) number.


Buyer Responsibilities When Returning Merchandise

Below are some important points to remember when preparing a return:


To protect your right to file a damage claim, you are responsible for shipping merchandise back to us. We do not issue call tags since that would make us the responsible shipper.
- You must properly drain the water from the machine before packing. We will include instructions along with your Return Authorization number. If you have questions, please call our service department for assistance.
- You pay the cost of shipping it back to us. We will reimburse this cost for warranty repairs in the first 30 days from the date of receipt. (Note: - The amount we will reimburse you will not exceed the published cost of shipping at UPS for ground service. UPS Stores will charge you a premium for packaging and handling that we will not reimburse you for. Expedited shipping costs above those for UPS Ground, such as UPS Next Day Air, will not be reimbursed either. (This does not apply to shipping outside the contiguous 48 US states)
- Save the packing material and its original carton(s)! We take great care to package your purchase properly, please reuse them in the event it is necessary to ship your machine back to us.


Merchandise is inspected when it is received to verify:


- All original items are included (manuals, packing material, accessories, etc.).
- The equipment is clean and still in “like new condition with no sign of abuse, misuse, missing parts, or missing manuals, etc.


We reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee if the above conditions are not met. The cost of any promotional and/or included products (such as coffee, for example) will also be deducted from you original purchase price.